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Commercial Tile Installation

Commercial Tiling Services (Essex | Union | Morris County, NJ)

We pay a heartwarming welcome to our clients! Your presence is much appreciated on Murphy General Contractors’ “Commercial Tile Installation” webpage.

We all know that installation of tile flooring in a commercial setting can have its own challenges. From choosing the perfect match of tile for your floor to properly installing it, the procedure requires extra attention.

Fortunately, Murphy General Contractors possesses 35 years of expertise in providing top-quality commercial tile installation services. Our company has successfully established itself in various cities and locations of Essex, Union, and Morris County, NJ. Being within these areas, we have extended our facilities in our neighborhood to offer them the comfort of tiling solutions at a budget-friendly expense.

Our commitment to excellence in craftsmanship, quality, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry.

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Importance of Tile Installation on Commercial Sites

Enhancing the Aesthetic Appeal of Commercial Spaces

In the world of the construction business, appearance matters a lot. For us, the impression of your commercial space must give the observers a scenic view of beauty. This is why we dedicate our efforts to providing our clients with the best experience.

Improving Durability and Ease of Maintenance

In this fast-paced world, there’s no doubt that commercial areas are more exposed to a high chance of wear and tear. In order to cater to this issue, the installation not only provides aesthetic visuals but also makes the durability of commercial spaces long-lasting. Additionally, the cleaning and maintenance of tiles is much easier than any raw floor.

Creating a Professional and Welcoming Environment

Undoubtedly, a well-structured commercial tile installation on a wide space can turn the look of it into a more professional environment. The correct commercial tile installation contains the power to shape any office, retail space, or restaurant in a brand that is recognized for its unmatched ambiance.

Our Tiling Solutions

Floor Tile Installations for Retail Spaces, Offices, and Restaurants

If you are working in a retail space, office, or restaurant and require a service that can turn any of these places into a professional setting while maintaining its aesthetic visuals, then we have got you covered.

Wall Tile Installations for Bathrooms, Lobbies, and Corridors

Tile installation for bathrooms, lobbies, and corridors is entirely different than regular commercial spaces. But not to worry, as we know exactly what technique and requirements are needed to install tiles in such areas. Just give us a call and witness your space turning into a functional site.

Ceiling Tile Installations for Commercial Kitchens and Healthcare Facilities

In kitchens and healthcare facilities, it is really essential to install the right tiles that can go hand-in-hand with hygiene. Murphy General Contractors possesses extensive skills in installing ceiling tiles as per the industry standards so that the decorum of these places can be maintained.

VCT Tiles

VCT tiles, namely Vinyl Composition Tiles, are popular due to their long-lasting durability, aesthetic appeal, and low price tag. We take great pride in announcing that our company can also provide VCT tiles installation service for the ease of our customers.


Benefits of Choosing Us

Choosing Murphy General Contractors for the installation of tiles can provide you with several benefits, some of which include:

Extensive Experience in Commercial Tile Installations

It’s indeed a matter of huge pride that we have completed 35 years in this industry with a proven record of installing successful construction accessories, commercial tile installation being one of them. Our expert team and its insights on minor details help us in executing a well-structured project. 

Skilled and Trained Tile Installation Team

Murphy General Contractors is one passionate team of workers who possess extensive knowledge of different projects. They are nothing less than a set of experienced craftsman who knows what they are really doing.

Use of High-Quality Materials and Industry-Leading Techniques

We stand by this commitment to make sure that perfection is executed in every step of the project.

Commitment to Delivering Exceptional Results on Time and Within Budget

There is nothing more important than completing the project on time without compromising the quality. Our project management team not only sticks to the given timeline but also extends its services while remaining on a pocket-friendly budget.

Different Styles and Design Possibilities

Every attic conversion has its unique style and design possibilities.
Explore a range of design options, from contemporary and minimalist to traditional and cozy.

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Apartments & Condominiums

A large part of our business is in the commercial real estate sector. Luxury condominium  communities and retail parks are huge opportunities for beautiful spaces. We focus on the importance of creating a positive, environmentally responsible and functional investment.

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Universities & Schools

We have extensive experience in remodeling and restoring existing educational institutions. If you need more space, our designers are master of flow when creating and incorporating new additions. 

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Corporate Offices & Parking Structures

Built for eye-catching beauty and efficiency, we know how to make the most out of limited space. If you don’t have room to build out, we’ll build up to incorporate all you need. 


We take pride in the feedback from our satisfied clients who have experienced the transformative power of our bathroom remodeling services. Hear their stories and how their bathrooms have been completely revitalized.

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Service Areas

Murphy General Contractors has solidified its presence around Essex, Union, and Morris County, NJ. Take a look at the areas where we serve:

  • Newark, East Orange, and Montclair in Essex County.
  • Elizabeth, Plainfield, and Linden in Union County.
  • Morristown, Parsippany-Troy Hills, and Denville in Morris County.


The feasibility of an attic conversion depends on factors such as the attic’s structural condition, local building codes, and your specific requirements.

The return on investment for an attic conversion can be substantial, as it adds usable square footage to your home and increases its overall value. The ROI varies depending on factors like location, design, and market conditions.

Planning an attic conversion involves several steps, including design, obtaining necessary permits, and executing the project.